Hajj 2017 & Vaccines – What you really need to know about

Hajj 2017 Health & Vaccines

Millions of people gather in the two holy cities, Makah & Medina, from around the world. Hajj is one of the biggest mass gatherings of humans in the world and like all mass gatherings there are high chances of virus outbreaks and spreading of illnesses which can cause serious harm to the Muslims.

hajj 2017 health safety

All of these pilgrims stay close to each other which increases the chance of spreading communicable diseases in thousands of pilgrims.

Therefore, it is important to know the details for the vaccination for Hajj, immunization for Umrah and the cost of vaccination for Hajj and Umrah in 2017.

Strict Regulations for your own benefit

Keeping this danger in view, Saudi Arabia establishes the strict policies of vaccination prior to entry in its boundaries. These strict policies are for the benefit of us all because if KSA were to be passive in this regard, thousands of preventable causalities will occur of precious lives which Islam holds so high in regard.

Hajj Vaccination Requirements 2017:

For the care of our brothers and sisters around the world preparing for Hajj, we are sharing the policies of the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia about vaccination for Hajj in 2017.

According to the ministry, Hajj Vaccination Requirements are twofold. They want pilgrims to receive two types of Vaccination for their Hajj in 2017 which are as below.

  1. Mandatory Vaccines

According to the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia, there are two kinds of vaccination which are needed. The first category of vaccination is Mandatory. If you fail to produce the vaccination of certificates of this category, you will not be allowed to enter in the holy cities without getting vaccinated, which will cause a great deal of hassle to you and your family.

Below are the three mandatory vaccinations for Hajj & Umrah according to the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia.

Yellow fever

If you are going for hajj from one of the countries at risk of yellow fever then you have to get vaccinated for this disease. If you are already vaccinated from yellow fever, then you can present that certificate and need not to be vaccinated again.

However, if you are not vaccinated or have lost the certificate, then you need to get vaccinated for yellow fever according to the rules of vaccination for Hajj.

You can check out the list of the countries which at risk of yellow fever here.

Meningococcal meningitis

This Hajj vaccination is required from all the pilgrims from around the world. Without the valid certification of this vaccination for Hajj, you will not be allowed to enter in the holy cities.

This vaccination for Umrah and Hajj comes in two kinds. The first kind is effective for 3 years and the second kind is effective for 5 years. Therefore, if you got vaccinated with the first type of Hajj vaccination for more than 3 years ago then you need to get vaccinated again to acquire the new certificate.  Same is true for the 5-year vaccination, if you were vaccinated 5 years before your intended Hajj, then you need to have this vaccination for Hajj again.


With all the efforts that the health institutes have invested in the removal of Polio from around the world, there are still few countries which are not yet completely safe from Polio such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

There are yet more countries which are Polio free but stands at the risk of developing Poliomyelitis again if the proper steps are not ensured.

For these two kinds of countries, you need to get the oral vaccination of Polio for your hajj travel.  You can get the list of these countries from the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Recommended Vaccines

The second type of vaccines for Hajj is the recommended vaccines. The Ministry recommends you to take these vaccines for your own health benefit so that you can perform all the rites of Hajj with ease and focus.

Ministry recommends at least two vaccines for Hajj this year:

Seasonal Influenza:

Influenza is the most common virus which can be spread in mass gatherings where people of all ages come together from around the world like in Hajj 2017. Therefore, it is recommended to take this vaccination prior your travel to Saudi Arabia for your Hajj in 2017.

vaccination of hajj in 2017

Zika Virus & Dengue

Zika Virus or Dengue is transmitted through insect bites. Although dengue mosquitos are not found in the Makah or Medina, but the surrounding cities might have them, therefore, it is recommended to take due measures of prevention during day & night in Hajj from insect and mosquito bites.

It is recommended to follow the WHO methods if you are coming to Hajj from one of the dengue-affected countries. For a full list of dengue-affected countries, click   here.

Other recommended vaccination for Hajj includes vaccination of Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Pneumonia, Typhoid, and Tetanus.

False Certificates for Vaccines

Unfortunately, there is a trend in some countries of generating false certificates of vaccines for the Hajj. They think that these vaccinations for Hajj are just another hassle and stress for the pilgrims and therefore it is not necessary to actually have them.

This lying game is mostly played by the Hajj operators who want to maximize their profits.  As a Muslim, we know that lying, in any case, is a sin so think about the harms of lying for the blessed worship of Hajj? Do you want to spend all this money, time and energy on Hajj which is based on a lie and cause damage to thousands of fellow Muslims? Surely not.

Therefore, ask and confirm from your Hajj Operator about the proper steps for these vaccinations and make sure that you receive them according to the best standards in health.

Hajj Vaccination Cost:

Umrah Vaccination cost or Hajj Vaccination cost can vary from country to country for pilgrims from around the world. Therefore, it is not possible to list down all the costs of Umrah and Hajj Vaccination here in this article about the vaccinations of Hajj 2017.

Rest assured, these costs of Umrah and Hajj vaccinations are not much and most people can easily afford these vaccinations. However, you can also avail the discounts and offers on various government and private clinics in your area for the vaccination of Hajj and Umrah.


Keeping the importance of vaccinations for Hajj in mind, we can easily conclude that it is imperative for every pilgrim to take due measure for his/her health and also for the health of thousands and thousands of fellow Muslims coming from around the world to worship one true God, Allah.

We pray sincerely for your hajj and your health, may Allah bless you with the best of both worlds. Amen.